Meatless Monday: How to Cook White Squash

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Tonight wasn’t the most color balanced meal, but it was all about firsts:

  1. We tried our White Squash  – that we grew!
  2. I had my first parsnip
  3. I found out you can’t microwave Greek Yogurt – it turns to Greek Cheese.

Here’s what I did with my pretty white squash, after I took a picture of it, as I’m rather proud that it came from my backyard suburban garden.

I tried it two ways:

  1. I sliced it top to bottom in about 1/4 – 1/2″ sections, then divided those slices in half.
  2. The first batch I dipped in my [backyard chicken] whipped egg yolk, coated in flour and fried them in a pan.  I almost never fry stuff, but thought it would be tasty and make my husband happy.  They were tasty, but needed some pizzazz.  Pink Himalayan Sea Salt did the trick.
  3. The other half I baked with 1 tbsp butter, Sweet Basil and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  425 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Probably could have been less time if you wanted a firmer texture.

It’s a pretty mild, but tasty squash and the looks alone are enough to make me grow it again. This is an heirloom variety, which in the shortest way possible to explain, means this is a variety that was most likely grown before WWII and handed down from one generation to the next.  Full of flavor, character and not “watered down” for commercial use.  That’s the best way I can relay what I read.

The parsnip was in a different pan, but same temperature and time.  I plopped in some butter, Tarragon, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, pepper and Greek Yogurt, wrongly thinking the yogurt would “melt” and become creamy.  It did not – it shriveled up like weird cheese. If you were desperate, it would be somewhat tasty, but I would never serve it to a guest – or eat it again, actually.

I threw in some Butternut Squash ravioli (my goal is to satisfy my husband’s hunger) and side veggie mix, but overall, our Meatless Monday meal was fun, adventurous (!?) and tasty.

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